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We support fire prevention, but this tax is not the right approach because:


This is a general tax

Revenues can be used by the county for any purpose.

In a statement to the court for a Write of Mandate on September 6, 2022, the county admitted, "...the future sales tax revenues are not earmarked and can be used for any general county services."


Not enforceable

Promises the county makes to dedicate revenues to fire prevention are not enforceable. The county can take the money and spend it on other uses.


Use for pensions and salaries

The county is already counting on funding from this tax for staff pensions and salaries.


No money to fire districts

Zero funding goes to our fire districts. Zero fire districts support this tax.


The county has the money and just isn't spending it effectively

The state, with a surplus, has failed to spend adequately on wildfire mitigation. 


This tax hurts the poor and those on fixed income

Sales tax is regressive. It hurts the poor and those on a fixed income the hardest. 


We will have the highest sales tax in the region

Local businesses will suffer - why not go to a neighboring county to shop where the sales tax will be significantly lower?

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